Golf Industry Adventures – Behind the Scenes

Playing a round of golf seems like such a simple proposition.

Really, as a recreational player, whether we play well or play poorly on a given day, our skin in the game is pretty much the green fee and the effort it takes to play.

Behind the scenes, golf course owners and operators face a barrage of details and circumstances that require attentive discussion and review, along with adoption of policies and procedures.

You know, all the stuff the majority of golfers really don’t care about.

That is, until there is an incident.

At the end of the day, we each owe ourselves and our fellow golfers a duty to be considerate and thoughtful while playing golf.

Whether it’s a morning or afternoon out, away from the office or other life challenges, it really is supposed to be fun.

Occasionally, that fun might be a company tournament, that four-player scramble that usually amounts to a ‘hoot-and-holler’ on the golf course.

Give this article a peak (click here) when you have some time, as it relates to yet another “behind the scenes” adventure facing golf courses in British Columbia.

And, if it’s happening in B.C., chances are it won’t be long before other jurisdictions follow suit in some way, shape or form.