Travel Ban Lifted – British Columbia Golf and Wildfires 2023

Travel Ban Lifted as of August 22nd

Although at, we plan for almost every possible issue that may come our way, we certainly couldn’t expect the entire communities of West Kelowna, Kelowna and the Shuswap regions would suffer such extensive damages through out-of-control wildfires.

While the wildfires in West Kelowna, Kelowna and some areas in the Shuswap region devastated communities, many first responders and evacuees needed accommodations.

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Tourism partners leading the charge to flatten the curve

At BCgolfguide, we’re proud to work with the team at Tourism Kamloops, along with our many golf course and hotel partners in the region.

Here’s a nifty spin from Tourism Kamloops – just how the 2020 destination golf experience is different from what many of us have gotten used to over the years. The Kamloops region continues to grow as a popular golf destination.


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Top 10 Holes in the Okanagan Valley

When I took a stab at this project last fall for publication in the Kelowna Daily Courier, it was both an exciting and unenviable task.

The variety of golf courses throughout the Okanagan Valley create a golfer’s paradise. The length of the season is a boon for locals and tourists.

Indeed, I could write about the “50 Best Holes”! There are that many!

Note that all yardages provided are “from the tips”, yet each of these holes is designed with tee decks that effectively take some of the bite out of the long-distance challenges.


Gallagher’s Canyon, Kelowna (#1: par-4, 434 yards)
You arrive in such a peaceful setting here, an historic layout in a quiet, residential setting. After a quick warmup, you may be summoned to the roof top. Yes, the roof top! It is indeed one of the coolest shots a player will strike while enjoying golf in the Okanagan Valley. For those not immune to first-tee jitters, be advised you will likely have a captive audience on hand, as the patrons in the restaurant and on its patio can almost reach out and touch you as you tee off. Successfully execute your drive into the narrow-ish fairway and the elevated green requires a demanding, skillful approach. Welcome to Gallagher’s Canyon!

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