Who is the better golfer?

An interesting snippet here from GOLF Magazine.

“There will always be sand-baggers and vanity-caps, handicaps that travel better or worse than others. But with plans in the works for a universal handicap system, one that applies to every golfer on the globe, there will be far fewer of all those unwanted things.”

Anyone out there familiar with “Universal Handicaps” ?

It’s an adjustment coming our way in 2020 to the system the world of golf has used forever – it seems.

That’s where the comment above came from – an article speaking to the nuances associated with Universal Handicaps.

“We want to make the right decisions now to encourage a more welcoming and social game,” said Mike Davis, CEO of the United States Golf Association.

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The Vancouver Golf Expo returns in 2019 even bigger and better than last year. Now in the 2nd year under new management of the NGCOA the event has grown with interactive activities and vendors from all over BC and beyond.

BCgolfguide.com has provided Reno Golf trip with 5 nights / golf / and flights – details on the GolfExpo website.

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“One-Length” Irons: Is Bryson DeChambeau on to something?

An interesting article crossed my desk (well, my seat on an airplane) early this month and it got me to thinking.

Bryson DeChambeau, PGA Tour

As dangerous as that may be or as infrequently as it might occur – the thinking part – I am wondering if this Bryson DeChambeau kid might be on to something.

In a GOLF Magazine piece entitled “The Power Of One”, writer Alan Shipnuck examines the concept, focusing on the playing success of youngster Bryson DeChambeau.

As a self-proclaimed golf traditionalist, I am about 45 years into my lifelong love affair with the game.

Just imagine the equipment we were using 20 years ago! I recall being amazed at how good it was. And further back, I know I was using the “technology of the day”, even when I started playing golf in the early 1970’s. Things have changed immensely and I have benefited as a player from these equipment innovations.

I’m beginning to wonder if this concept of consistent length shafts – irons only – has some merit.

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