Slow Play? Courtesy? What are we debating?

The Twitter-verse was all aflutter this past week when video was posted with Bryson DeChambeau stalking a putt while Justin Thomas observed in supposed frustration as the clock ticked on and on.

Opinions surfaced at a fast and furious pace, with the scales seemingly tipped in favour of vilifying DeChambeau, who took about two minutes and 20 seconds  to roll an 8-footer past the cup.

Image result for golf slow play

These days, with video cameras aplenty and instant downloads to online apps readily available, any perceived transgression lands in our face almost immediately, with people seemingly begging for commentary.

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BCgolfguide at 2019 NAC in Texas!

It’s that time of year again when the team at BCgolfguide hits the road to spread the news about the outstanding golf travel  product available throughout British Columbia.

This year, the IAGTO North American Convention takes place in Austin, Texas at the Horseshoe Bay Resort. Over 200 golf industry buyers and suppliers from around the world are in attendance.

A busy day at the 2019 NAC in Austin, Texas.

BCgolfguide joined the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) in 2008.

At the 2019 edition, BCgolfguide will continue to take on an important leadership role, trumpeting all that makes the landscape of golf across British Columbia such a sought after global attraction.

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Golf Industry Adventures – Behind the Scenes

Playing a round of golf seems like such a simple proposition.

Really, as a recreational player, whether we play well or play poorly on a given day, our skin in the game is pretty much the green fee and the effort it takes to play.

Behind the scenes, golf course owners and operators face a barrage of details and circumstances that require attentive discussion and review, along with adoption of policies and procedures.

You know, all the stuff the majority of golfers really don’t care about.

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