Q & A with our clients!

At BCgolfguide, we frequently receive interesting questions from our clients.

Overwhelmingly, the queries arrive in the “additional notes” section as part of our “Create Your Golf Package” online form.

We’ll share a couple of recent questions with you today.

QUESTION: Is my golf trip going to be more expensive in 2021?

BCGG: It really does depend on the region you choose to visit. But in a general sense, sadly, that may be the case.

You see, many facilities had 2020 pricing structures set up late in 2019. When the pandemic reared its ugly head, many of these facilities chose to pivot – actually reducing prices by as much as 15% – almost back to 2017 or 2018 levels.

BCgolfguide is already hearing from hotels and golf courses that are hiking rates, back to pre-COVID pricing.

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